Monday, 1 December 2014

Creative Names

We had seen some objects that have been given creative names. For eaxample, bread was called raw toast. We made some of your own.

Hayley: Creative Names

Friday, 5 September 2014


Two of our reading groups recently read a text about a slave called Jeffrey who was in love with another slave called Dorcas. Jeffrey had been sold and was trying to convince his new Mas'r to buy Dorcas. We all had to record ourselves reading parts of this text.

Zac's recording

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Sophia's recording

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014


We are writing explanations in our classroom. Mrs Mills bought 15 glowsticks to help us understand how to write one. We had to:

  1. Briefly describe the glowstick.

  1. Describe what happened when the glowstick was cracked.

  1. Explain why you think the glowstick did what it did.  

Here is Hayley's explanation.

Glowsticks are plastic tubes filled with two chemical substances that, when brought together, creates a bright fluoro glow. The chemicals inside are poisonous, but the glowing stick is very pretty to look at.

It is a rounded plastic casing with smooth edges, it feels flimsy and easily breakible. It is a long cylinder shape, and it is soft and slides between fingers easily; no friction.  It is filled with a bright liquid that is slightly transparent with bubbles of seethrough air throughout it, which are the size of small peas. There were spaces at the end of the glowstick that the liquid couldn’t enter.

When we snapped the glow stick, we didn’t have to try very hard. It was weak, and easy to start the chemical reaction. The sound it made was a “Crack”. The glow started in the place when we first bent it and bloomed like a small flower. The colour started to turn more green than yellow, and was very fluoro. It started to glow, and spread out from the place where it was first snapped. The glow got brighter as it spread. We snapped it in other various places and then shook the glowstick, the liquid spreading out across it. The air bubbles became more visible, and the spaces at the ends of the glowstick got filled with the liquid.

Sadly, after thirty seconds, the plastic casing broke open in a small place and the glowing liquid starting to leak out of the glowstick. Our hands started to glow, and we had to put the glowstick in a bag so it didn’t stain the carpet, or our clothing. The plastic casing was very weak, and easy to puncture. The liquid came out after only a few snaps. It was quite disappointing as it was very pretty to watch.

There are two chemicals inside the glowstick that are kept apart with a small thin casing inside of the tube. When we snap the glowstick it is snapping the small casing that keeps the chemicals apart. When they come together the tube starts to glow. When you shake the tube they come together even more, making a bright fluoro glow. The liquid leaked out because if you snap it too much, it causes the outside cover to break open, releasing the substance inside. This substance is poisonous, and should never be eaten. It may irritate your skin, and will sting your eyes if it touches them.

The reaction that happens only lasts 3-10 hours long, and only happens once. This reaction is not reversible, and only glows in dim or dark places, so don’t crack one on a bright day.

Glowsticks are fun to play with, and are great at parties, or bonfires. A bunch of glow sticks can create enough glow to use as a guide in a dark place. Glowsticks have many uses, most of them fun to do. Glowsticks should be handled carefully nonetheless, as if consumed, will make you feel very sick. Young children may chew on glowsticks, and should be watched. Glowsticks are usually safe, as long as you are careful with them!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Maths Problem Solving

Every Wednesday morning we do Maths Problem solving. Today was our first day. Mrs Mills split us into 5 teams. Each team is named after a coloured peg. The first thing we had to do was decide who our runner was. The runner has to take the answer sheet to Mrs Mills and also ask questions.

Mrs Mills doesn't give us all the information so we have to figure out what we need to know to solve the problem. Our runner then has to ask the right questions in order to get the information e.g.

Logan and Matthew were talking too much at night so had to sleep on the BBQ tables. How long were they on the tables? (in minutes)

We had to ask:
What time did they go to the tables? 9.47pm
What time did they wake up? 6.28 am

Then we send our runner up with the answer and we are given the next question. This week Orange Team won so their peg is attached to the trophy for the week.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Welcome to Rm41 for 2014

We are a Year 8 class at Tauranga Intermediate School. There are 20 boys and 13 girls in our class. They call us the 'geeks' of the school because we are a multimedia class. That means we all have our own laptops and do most of our work this way.

We are also known as the 'Red Army' as our house colour is red.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Brooke: Tennis Sport

Brooke: Tennis Sport: Today room 41 had a Tennis tournament. We had to go into partners my partner was Anna. We were playing in the tournament first. We versed Ja...